Our Experience

With over 30 years in business, Synergy Companies has had tremendous impact on energy conservation, conversion and environmental protection in California.

A few of our accomplishments

  • 150,000+ lighting retrofits for hotels, apartments and homes
  • 100,000+ water efficiency system installations for hotels, apartments and homes
  • 2,500+ energy efficiency upgrades for Laundromats (a huge energy consumer)
  • 35,000+ mobile homes served with energy efficiency upgrades
  • 45,000+ homes, apartments, and commercial sites served through the Verified Service Provider Program
  • 100+ schools assessed for energy efficiency services
  • Participated as a “Low-Income Outreach and Weatherization” contractor for 20+ years
  • Implemented dozens of third-party energy efficiency programs in collaboration with PG&E, SCG, SCE, SDG&E, IID, City of Palo Alto, SMUD, and many other utilities

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