Additional Utility Programs

Additional Utility Programs


Improve Your Energy Efficiency on Someone Else’s Dime!


Did you know that a percentage of your utility bill is used to pay for energy efficiency programs? These programs come in many different forms, from education and outreach to rebates and incentives, and even free products and installation services. Since you’re paying for these programs, why not use them? Some homeowners and businesses receive over $1,000 worth of energy efficiency products and services at no cost to them.

For over 30 years, Synergy has contracted with many utility companies to provide low-cost and no-cost programs to the utilities end-use customers – and in case you didn’t catch this already, many of them are made available to you for free!

We have serviced over 100,000 residential and commercial utility customers under these programs and have installed enough energy efficiency measures to create the equivalent of a few power plants. We stand by our quality and reputation, and we look forward to serving you as well.

For detailed information on specific programs, please click the following links:

City of Palo Alto Utilities

Pacific Gas and Electric

Southern California Edison

Southern California Gas

San Diego Gas & Electric

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