Air Ducts

Air Ducts

Air Distribution Overview

air distribution

Distributing Comfort Throughout Your Home

A central heating and cooling system in a home plays a similar role to that of the human heart. Just as the heart enables the circulation of blood throughout the human body, the central air conditioner and furnace are responsible for supplying air to each part of the home where conditioned air is needed. This is done by channeling the air through a series of connected ducts running through walls, crawlspaces and attics. Just like the human heart, it is important that the flow is evenly distributed to provide a healthy, comfortable system for your home. Many factors can have an impact on the distribution of air flow in your home and so it is important to consult with our energy specialists to make sure that you are getting the best results from your existing system. Duct testing and sealing is an affordable solution that can help ensure that your heating and cooling systems are running at peak performance.

Duct Cleaning

Over time, dust can build up in your duct system and may be in need of a thorough cleaning or inspection. More urgent needs can arise due to problems with rodents and insects, mold, and undesirable odors. Whatever the reason might be, a duct cleaning can provide a good solution for your home’s needs.

To properly clean the ducting and HVAC system we use the push-pull method and employ a HEPA Air System with roto-brushes and air wands. The system is put under negative pressure with a multi- stage HEPA air system connected to the plenum. Each register is individually cleaned and a roto-brush and/or an air-wand is fed down the duct run towards the plenum where the HEPA-air system is sucking and filtering the air.

Duct Testing

Many homeowners tend to assume that because they can feel the hot or cold air coming through their vents, their duct system is in good working condition and was properly installed from the very beginning. However, according Energy Star, “In a typical house… about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks and poorly sealed connections”. Therefore it is wise to make sure that your ducting is sealed and installed properly to ensure that you are not wasting energy and money needlessly.

A Synergy Specialist can perform a duct test in your home to determine if and where air leaks may be occurring. By performing a duct test, we can help pinpoint specific locations in your air ducts that may be causing a significant amount of energy loss.

Duct Sealing


Testing a duct system for leaks and disconnects is an important part in determining how to start saving energy. Sealing the ducts is what ultimately brings the desired results. Imagine if you found out that every time you turned on your car you had a small stream of gas leaking out onto the road. Even though you still had enough gas in your tank to get you from point A to point B, you would still be using much more gas than necessary. In a situation like this it makes sense to visit a mechanic and get the leak taken care of right away. Like the price of gas these days, heating and cooling your home is not cheap and therefore it is critical to make sure that your duct system is sealed up to ensure you are getting the most out of your furnace and air conditioner.

Duct Insulation

duct in attic

Ducts are often are hidden in the attic, crawlspace and walls – in places where they may or may not be insulated properly. If the ducts in your home are in unconditioned space, they should be sealed and insulated to keep the desired level of warmth or coolness in the air as it travels through your ducts to your living space.

Duct Replacement

Occasionally, ducts can get smashed, or otherwise damaged, and need to be replaced. If a replacement is needed, consult with our experts to make the appropriate corrections. Because leakage is such a large source of energy loss, the replacement of certain quantities of ducting in your home is required to be verified by a third party contractor in order to ensure compliance with California Title 24 Standards.

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