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Since 1989, Synergy Companies has been providing environmental remediation services to commercial and residential customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a trusted expert in environmental remediation, we remove environmental hazards such as asbestos, lead paint, mold, rodent droppings, and more. These services are now offered through Synergy Enterprises, a subsidiary of Synergy Companies based in Hayward, CA.

We understand that when it comes to environmental remediation, safety is the greatest concern. We take the worry out of this process by listening to our clients, walking through the remediation process, and taking great care to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We also know your time is valuable, so we pride ourselves on timely service and providing you the information you need to make an informed decision. Our mission is to provide the best value and service in the areas of asbestos removal, mold abatement, removal of lead-based paint, and clean-up of rodent droppings that pose hazards.

Our client base includes large and small general contractors, HVAC contractors, Realtors, School Districts and Universities, as well as insurance companies and individual homeowners.

To obtain a quote or to learn more about Synergy Enterprises and the services we offer, view our website at www.synergy-enterprises.org, or call us at (510) 259-1700 or toll-free at (800) 439-9610.

What is Asbestos?

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Asbestos is a mineral fiber that has been used commonly in a variety of building construction materials for insulation and as a fire-retardant. EPA and CPSC have banned several asbestos products. Manufacturers have also voluntarily limited uses of asbestos. Today, asbestos is most commonly found in older homes, in pipe and furnace insulation materials, asbestos shingles, millboard, textured paints and other coating materials, and floor tiles.

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What is Lead?

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Lead is a toxic metal that was used for many years in paint and other products found in and around our homes. Many surfaces painted before the 1960s could contain significant lead. Lead May be found on any surface but is most commonly found on exterior-painted surface, interior woodwork, doors, and windows. Heavily-leaded paint was used in most homes built before the 1950s, with lower levels of lead used until 1977.

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What is Mold?

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Molds are found everywhere inside and outside, and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. Molds reproduce by spores, which can be carried by air currents. When these spores land on a moist surface that is suitable for life, they begin to grow. Mold is normally found indoors at levels that do not affect most healthy individuals. However, when spores are present in large quantities, they are a health hazard to humans. Because common building materials are capable of sustaining mold growth, and mold spores are ubiquitous, mold growth in an indoor environment is typically related to water or moisture indoors.

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What is rodent contamination?

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Rodent contamination is frequently the result of rodents urine, droppings, or carcasses. Rodent droppings are often found in air ducts (heating and cooling ventilation systems), attics, basement crawlspaces, and other storage areas. There is a need for the public to take precautions when they are exposed to rat or mouse carcasses or droppings. You don’t want to sweep or vacuum the droppings. Putting that virus into the air and breathing it in is how you can become infected. Exposure risks can be serious.

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What Demolition / Construction Services are offered?

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Building demolition and house demolition projects can pose serious risks for construction workers due to harmful asbestos fibers that can hover in the air. Demolition Services are required when we are asked to work with a contractor to demolish and dispose of hazardous materials and the building materials as well.

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