Solar Power: The Energy for Life Advantage

While energy efficiency reduces energy consumption, solar empowers consumers with the ability to create and own their own energy! Solar customers can become energy independent, avoid future rate hikes, contribute to environmental responsibility, and lead by example. With rebates covering much of the cost, now is going to be remembered as a pivotal and historic time to invest in solar, and Synergy has a record of excellence in providing customers with the only complete and comprehensive energy solutions.

Synergy’s unique comprehensive service–the Energy for Life Advantage–will help you to maximize your savings, minimize your costs, and provide the greatest reduction in energy consumption and in your carbon footprint. The Energy for Life Advantage consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: We examine electric demand and usage and then analyze the roof and house structure to design energy efficiency and solar energy measures for your review and consideration.

Step 2: Energy efficiency measures provide the most cost-effective way to lower your consumption of electricity, and they usually improve the comfort of the facility as well. For your home this step may include:

Step 3: After electric consumption is decreased through energy efficiency measures, we install the most reliable and proven photovoltaic solar panel technologies to offset either a portion or the rest of your utility bill – providing independence from utility rates!

Step 4: We will provide you with exceptional customer support and solar-specific financing options to make the process complete, seamless, and not only painless, but enjoyable as you realize quick savings and watch your meter spin backwards with friends and family.

Financing – Investing in the Future

Financing your energy solution is as simple as buying energy from your utility–perhaps even easier because we work with you to develop a plan that makes the most long-term sense for you. With little to no up-front cost options available, coupled with rebates and incentives, we can help you find savings from day one.

About Synergy Companies

Synergy Companies was established in 1981 in the San Francisco Bay Area starting with home insulation, and expanding to energy efficiency and solar generation. Today Synergy Companies has offices in the Hayward and San Leandro in the East Bay; Sacramento, Lodi, and Fresno in the Central Valley; and Riverside County and San Diego in Southern California. We now offer a host of home energy management products and services including home energy audits; attic, wall, and floor insulation; insulation removal; whole house fans and attic fans; heating and air conditioning services; air sealing and weatherization; and photovoltaic solar panel installations.

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