Price Shopping for Solar

Solar Power and Energy Efficiency – A More Affordable Solution

There are two ways to compare prices for solar power: comparing total price (total investment) or price in terms of $/kWh.

At Synergy, we want you to be very happy with your decision, because we know that if you are, you’ll be more likely to refer us to your friends and come to us with your future energy needs. So, we provide very competitive pricing that is hard to beat. We’ll be honest, you might be able to find a guy working out of the back of his truck who will save you a few dollars, but there is cost for that—the cost comes in warranties and guarantees, customer service, professionally trained technicians, professionally trained design/engineering personnel, and quality.

With this type of investment, you want to ensure that you have (1) a durable and reliable product, (2) a trustworthy and solid company you can count on, (3) highly trained crews that will do the job right, and (4) the right warranties and guarantees that cover your installation should the need ever arise – and at a very competitive price, we provide all that and more.

Now, comparing prices in terms of $/kWh, if you allow us to provide a complete home service (energy efficiency and solar combination), we promise you that no one will beat our price—we will deliver more energy savings at a lower cost than anybody out there. Why? Because energy savings and delivering energy performance is our specialty, and it has been for over 30 years. We are confident that we can provide the best combination of services that will provide you with the highest production (highest kWh) and lowest cost ($), which equates to the lowest $/kWh investment available.

About Synergy Companies

Synergy Companies was established in 1981 in the San Francisco Bay Area starting with home insulation, and expanding to energy efficiency and solar generation. Today Synergy Companies has offices in the Hayward and San Leandro in the East Bay; Sacramento, Lodi, and Fresno in the Central Valley; and Riverside County and San Diego in Southern California. We now offer a host of home energy management products and services including home energy audits; attic, wall, and floor insulation; insulation removal; whole house fans and attic fans; heating and air conditioning services; air sealing and weatherization; and photovoltaic solar panel installations.

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