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Energy Efficiency Day – October 5, 2016

October, 4th, 2016

Categories:Central Valley, Educational, Fresno, News, Promotions, Sacramento, San Diego, Southern California, The Bay Area

First National Energy Efficiency Day In an effort to promote energy conservation, this Wednesday will be the nation’s first annual Energy Efficiency Day. Multiple groups and organizations are coming together to both promote and spread awareness of this effort being put forth. This is an opportunity to come together as a nation in order to promote this worthy cause. Why Energy Efficiency? We live in a world that is completely dependent on energy in many ways, [Read More...]

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Brush Your Teeth Guilt Free

June, 7th, 2016

Categories:Central Valley, Educational, Energy Efficient Products, Energy Upgrade, Fresno, Programs, Sacramento, San Diego, Southern California, The Bay Area

Everyone’s morning routine looks a little bit different.  Very few of us are brave (if you want to call it that) enough to turn on the shower first thing in the morning and jump in while it’s still freezing cold!  Most of us like to get the water started and wait for it to get nice and warm before actually making the plunge.  This waiting period creates some downtime to brush your teeth, shave or [Read More...]

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What on earth is an efficient fan control?

May, 1st, 2014

Categories:Fresno, News, Sacramento, San Diego, Southern California

The hot summer months are just around the corner which means your air conditioner will soon be put to work if it hasn’t already. This modern day convenience is one that definitely comes with a price tag attached to it. Many homes see their utility bills rise significant during this season. An efficient fan control is designed to help save energy when running your central air. As you’re well aware, when the temperature in your [Read More...]

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Christmas Gifts or Utility Bills?

December, 19th, 2013

Categories:Educational, Energy Efficient Products, Insulation, News

Along with all the gifts and festivities, the holiday season brings in the cooler weather.  Most likely you’ve already fired up your furnace to keep your home comfy and cozy for your family.  In Southern California, winters are very mild but there are still ways to make sure that you are being “energy smart” to free up some extra money for those holiday gifts you plan to purchase.    If you are feeling any sort of [Read More...]

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What Do Trees Have To Do With My Energy Bill?

October, 4th, 2013


When we think about saving energy our thoughts generally turn to things like solar, appliance replacement, and attic insulation. Something to consider is how our landscaping can help with our energy saving goals. When done strategically, landscaping not only adds to the aesthetics of our homes but can provide additional comfort and savings on our utility bills. For example, consider the benefit of having the right type of trees in your yard. Nice shade trees can [Read More...]

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Energy Savings Around The Clock

August, 15th, 2013

Categories:Central Valley, Educational, Energy Efficient Products, Fresno, News, Sacramento, San Diego, Southern California, The Bay Area

If we were to stop and really think about it, we would be amazed by the number of appliances that can be found throughout each of our homes. Many of these appliances remain on, or at least plugged in, around the clock. The question is, how much energy is being used to keep these appliances running? The chart below, found on, gives us an idea of how a refrigerator might compare to a desktop [Read More...]

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Demand Response – Another Way to Save on Energy Bills

July, 10th, 2013

Categories:Educational, Energy Efficient Products, Programs

When most people think of ways to lower their energy bills, they usually think of conservation – turn off lights, turn up the air conditioner a couple of degrees, use ceiling fans, etc. Many folks also turn to energy efficiency. Thinking of replacing that old refrigerator? Look for an ENERGY STAR qualified model and you may qualify for a utility rebate. Light bulbs go out? Replace them with CFL’s which give just as much light [Read More...]

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Energy Efficiency Does More Than Save Money

July, 5th, 2013

Categories:Educational, Energy Upgrade

If you’ve ever seen an advertisement or mailer promoting energy efficiency, the focus was probably on saving energy – and saving money. But would it surprise you to know that many home energy improvements also provide greater comfort and a healthier home? Why We Do The Things We Do We all have our reasons for the home improvements we make. Perhaps we remodel a bathroom to add new amenities or create a feel that’s more [Read More...]

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Local Organizations Team Up to Help Pleasanton Homeowners Save Energy, Water, and Money

June, 14th, 2013

Categories:News, Programs, Promotions, The Bay Area

We are excited to announce that on June 20th, 2013 mobile home residents in Pleasanton, California will have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of local programs to help them save energy, save water – and save money. Representatives from five organizations will be making a short presentation at the Vineyard Estates Mobile Home Park in Pleasanton to describe their programs and give residents a chance to sign up. What’s in it for [Read More...]

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