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Energy Efficiency Does More Than Save Money

green-homeIf you’ve ever seen an advertisement or mailer promoting energy efficiency, the focus was probably on saving energy – and saving money. But would it surprise you to know that many home energy improvements also provide greater comfort and a healthier home?

Why We Do The Things We Do

We all have our reasons for the home improvements we make. Perhaps we remodel a bathroom to add new amenities or create a feel that’s more in line with our personal style. Maybe we add a new room to create a home office or make room for a growing family. And don’t forget the paint job that gives a look and feel that just makes it feel like…well, home.

Whatever your reasons, often times it comes down to more than just money because most of these improvements won’t be recouped if you sell your home. So why do we do it? Because creating a home that fits our families and our styles is more than a financial decision. It’s the place our kids grow up, the place we entertain friends and family, the place we lay our heads down at night, and more.

Are There Other Reasons To Make Home Energy Improvements Besides Money?

If you spend very little time at home, then perhaps home energy improvement decisions would be about dollars and cents – how much does it cost, and how long would it take to recoup that money from the energy savings you receive each month on your energy bill. But the truth is that many home energy improvements also increase the comfort of living in your home.

Consider attic and wall insulation. If your home is not properly insulated, certain rooms may feel hotter than the rest of the house during the summer or colder during the winter.

Don’t forget your air conditioning system. If your air duct system has leaks, some rooms won’t receive as much cool air from your air conditioner, or warm air from your furnace. That air is escaping into your attic or under your house where it benefits no one, and the inside of your home struggles to stay comfortable.

And what about windows? Have you stood in front of the inside of single pane windows during a hot summer day? It feels almost as hot as if you were outside standing in the sun. Or what about windows that have cracks in them, or leaks around the frame? Sounds like a drafty situation where no draft is wanted.

The point is that an energy efficient home not only saves money, but is often a more comfortable home as well.