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What Do Trees Have To Do With My Energy Bill?

When we think about saving energy our thoughts generally turn to things like solar, appliance replacement, and attic insulation. Something to consider is how our landscaping can help with our energy saving goals. When done strategically, landscaping not only adds to the aesthetics of our homes but can provide additional comfort and savings on our utility bills.

For example, consider the benefit of having the right type of trees in your yard. Nice shade trees can help keep the sun’s rays from directly heating up parts of your home. You may want to determine which areas will take the biggest beating from the sun and plant accordingly. An investment today, although the trees will be small, can pay large dividends in the future. Especially when you consider the fact that energy prices continue to increase.

When seasons change and the sun is needed to help warm your home, you won’t be so interested in having that shade anymore. If you live in this type of a climate then you should plant deciduous trees which lose their leaves in the fall. You want those leaves to fall off during the cold months so that those rays of sunshine can come right through unimpeded to help keep your home warm and cozy. On the other hand, if you want that shade year round, or you’re interested in blocking the wind, then you’ll want to plant coniferous trees which hold onto their leaves.

As you can see, “going green” may involve adding some “green” to your landscaping.