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What on earth is an efficient fan control?

EFC TransparentThe hot summer months are just around the corner which means your air conditioner will soon be put to work if it hasn’t already. This modern day convenience is one that definitely comes with a price tag attached to it. Many homes see their utility bills rise significant during this season.

An efficient fan control is designed to help save energy when running your central air. As you’re well aware, when the temperature in your home reaches the desired setting your thermostat turns of the air conditioning. However, there is great deal of cold air that remains inside the ducting throughout your home. If you are paying for that cold air, you might as well get it into the home where it can fulfill it’s purpose; to keep you and your family comfortable. The fan control is programmed to keep your blower running for a short period after the compressor turns off. virtual offices . You can imagine as your AC turns on and off multiple times a day throughout the summer months, the savings can really add up.

The efficient fan control provides one more way to battle both the heat and high utility bills!