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San Diego, California: Is Your Home Prepared for the Seasons?

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California is an interesting place with interesting weather patterns. San Diego is no exception. With warm summers and pretty mild winters, San Diego is pretty much paradise….if your home insulation is holding up.

When insulation is weak, your home is either too hot or too cold at the worst times. You’re sitting inside trying to enjoy a Saturday afternoon of football in early September, and you’re sweating bullets. Or you’re with you family during the holidays decorating the home, and everyone’s sneezing.

Not only that, as those outside temperatures work against your cooling and heating systems inside, your monthly costs are driving up the wall. It’s a complete mess.

If you’re in that boat, think about this for a second. A properly insulated home can save you up to 20% on heating and cooling costs or up to 10% on total energy costs.

San Diego Home Insulation Experts

Attics, walls, floors, ducts, you name it. Synergy Companies has you covered. With a variety of home insulation options, including foam and fiberglass, we have 30 years of insulation installment and removal experience here in sunny California. registration offices . We know the local weather patterns and what homeowners go through when their homes just aren’t ready the seasons.

The point is, you need to get ready now so you can relax later. Let one of our professional technicians perform a home energy audit for you in order to determine any leaks or insulation damages that need repairing. Call us today at (888) 272-8394!