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Brush Your Teeth Guilt Free

Everyone’s morning routine looks a little bit different.  Very few of us are brave (if you want to call it that) enough to turn on the shower first thing in the morning and jump in while it’s still freezing cold!  Most of us like to get the water started and wait for it to get nice and warm before actually making the plunge.  This waiting period creates some downtime to brush your teeth, shave or find your outfit for the day.  Your intention is certainly not to waste more water than needed but you can only guess when the water will be suitable for showering.  My water heater happens to be in the garage on the opposite side of the house from my bathroom shower and the distance factor definitely has a significant impact on the amount of time that it takes to get warm water flowing coming through that showerhead.  If your home is similar, it’s very easy to get distracted doing something else while the shower is warming up which results in wasted energy and too much water going unused.

Authorized TCV imageThe good news is that this does not have to be the case!  There is an actual solution to help with this dilemma.  The device is called a showerstart.  It can easily be installed and connected to your showerhead.  Once installed, your morning routine can continue just about the same way.  Turn on the shower and wait for the water to warm up.  The key difference now is that as soon as your water reaches a certain temperature, the showerstart reduces the flow down to a slow trickle.  Once it gets to that point, all you need to do is pull the cord, turn down the temperature if needed, and you’re ready to go.  No more wondering if the water is finally warm enough to jump in.  You can now brush your teeth with a clear conscience knowing that you’re starting out your day exercising wisdom in your use of both water and energy!