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Bay Area Living: When Should I Consider Insulation Removal?

Benefits of Home Insulation

Home insulation provides a number of benefits to your home – not least of which include greater comfort and lower energy bills.  So it would seem that the better question is, “Do I have enough insulation in my home?”  No doubt, many homes are poorly insulated and can use more.  So why would you ever consider removing the insulation you already have in place?  A number of scenarios could warrant your consideration for getting your insulation removed, from water or fire damage to rodent contamination.

Did You Say Rodents?

Properly insulated attics and floors are great at keeping the cold out in the winter and shielding your home from heat in the summer.  But those pesky, unwanted visitors – mice, rats, squirrels, and more – sometimes find their way into those very same places and make a nice home for themselves.  Pretty soon your insulation is contaminated with rodent urine, feces, or even carcasses.  It’s not pretty – and it’s certainly not safe.

Another reason to consider insulation removal is water damage that may occur from a leaky roof or a broken water pipe.  Wet insulation can grow mold – another health hazard.  A fire in the home can likewise damage your insulation, whether directly or through smoke damage.

How Is The Insulation Removed?

VERSA VAC FRONTIf you have blown-in insulation, whether fiberglass or cellulose, it can be removed using a high-powered vacuum made specifically for insulation removal.  Using a 4-6 inch diameter vacuum hose that can reach into the attic, a specially trained insulation expert will vacuum out the existing insulation, drawing it from the attic into large bags for disposal.  If you have batt or blanket insulation, it is removed by carefully hand-placing the old insulation into heavy-duty poly-plastic trash bags, removing the trash bags from the attic, and then properly disposing of the old insulation.

Once the old insulation has been removed and the area has been thoroughly cleaned, new insulation can be installed and you can once again enjoy the comfort and energy benefits of a well-insulated home.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Synergy Companies started as an insulation contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area over 30 years ago, and we’ve been going strong ever since.  Based in Hayward, CA in the East Bay, and with another office in San Leandro, we serve many communities in the Bay Area, from San Jose to San Francisco and throughout the East Bay.

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