• We help make California homeowners, businesses and institutions become lean, green and efficient consumers of energy & water.

  • Energy audits, insulation, air conditioning, windows . . . Whether its one piece or many, we solve your energy puzzle.

  • Improve your homes energy efficiency on someone elses dime! Learn about Energy Upgrade California and other incredible incentive programs!

  • Our certified technicians have the tools and training to see where your home is wasting energy. Schedule an audit today!

Synergy Companies
For over 30 years we've helped clients lower energy bills by offering energy saving solutions, expert technicians and attractive financing all in one place.

Our energy specialists are experts at helping you find the best solutions to meet your energy needs. Whether you are looking for a single solution or a comprehensive service, our objective is the same – to provide the best customer experience in the industry and help you reach your energy goals. We are committed to making energy saving not only a painless experience, but one you can look forward to. Request your FREE Consultation now!

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Utility companies throughout the state want to help you become more energy efficient.

Synergy Companies offers a number of FREE and low-cost energy efficiency programs funded by utility companies throughout the state. To learn more about the programs we offer and whether you are eligible to participate, click HERE.